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Incubation as a Service with the MII

You are an established company and manufacture products in the field of medical life science? You have a clear strategy and focus? In addition, you are innovative enough to generate and develop ideas that don’t really fit into the strategy, but are too valuable to simply leave lying around? Or are you planning to develop a completely new business area, but don’t want to implement it within the established corporate structure? Great – in both cases we are happy to be your contact.

As part of our “Incubation as a Service” we have developed a modular process that helps you to implement valuable innovative ideas within or outside your established structures at startup speed.

Module 1: Idea Evaluation Assessment

Through an interdisciplinary committee individually composed for your case, we develop a 360-degree feedback either in a joint appointment or in the form of an assessment based on documents. You receive structured input on the idea, the market opportunity, hurdles and regulatory classification. On this basis, you can then make your further decisions: Better to let it stay (fail fast) or pursue it after all (win big).

Module 2: Organization

You have decided to implement the project and continue it, for example, in a spin-off. We can help you to build up a team and find key people. We can also advise you on possible public funding opportunities, as well as on the development of a financial and project plan.

Module 3: Projecting

We accompany you with our entire know-how, toolbox and network from the startup promotion. Here, all areas of “Company Building” flow in and, in addition, you benefit from our 4C concept.

Depending on the situation, you enter module 1, 2 or 3 and our industry-experienced consultants and coaches provide the appropriate methods, tools, networks and services. Your input is simply an innovative idea with initial strategic considerations regarding a business case and, if necessary, personnel. All modules are flanked by our unique network and partners.

Your added value

  • Everything is possible, nothing is mandatory. We are able to adapt our actions to your individual needs.
  • You can add your own employees to the project and thus promote entrepreneurial thinking and acting of your talents.
  • You can implement the project internally, as a spin-off or in other models.
  • You get the additional view from the outside and have access to the agility and methods from the startup environment.
  • You can sell the project afterwards, integrate it into the main structures or bury it after all.

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