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Corporate Services

For whom?

On the one hand, our corporate services are aimed specifically at corporates that either want to launch an innovation themselves outside their current strategic focus. On the other hand, to corporates that are looking for new trends, would like to promote innovations or would like to use them as an opportunity to further develop their own products. We are happy to work with corporates that are already active in the healthcare industry as well as with those that would like to develop a new business field in this industry.

Why us?

Our experienced coaches know the world of SMEs and the environment of startups. Because all of our employees had a career in established corporates before they started to take care of tomorrow’s SMEs. In our services for established corporates, we combine the best of two worlds: the agility, mindset and methodology of the startup environment and the process orientation and structures of SMEs.

Our corporate services at a glance

  • Idea evaluation assessment: evaluation of your in-house innovations, which are outside the current strategic alignment
  • Incubation as a service: consulting and hands-on support for the founding of your innovative products into a spin-off
  • Startup and product scouting: Targeted search based on the profile of your product portfolio using our extensive startup database
  • Employee development by sending them to a spin-off of your company. With our support, talented employees can gain entrepreneurial experience that goes beyond the usual training and education offers. If you prefer something a little smaller, ask us about our (in-house) training formats!
  • Go-to-market strategy: market analysis and identification of exploitation strategies for your in-house innovations