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Fundraising – We get you investor-ready!

Our goal

Innovations can only reach patients if they are also financed. We have therefore established a network of investors who are interested in medtech investments, particularly in the fields of medical devices and in-vitro diagnostics, and who have industry-specific expertise. We know their focus and the most important decision criteria for an investment. We also know how to use Regulatory Thinking® to think about the challenges and opportunities of the 4Cs in a networked way and translate them into a business model that convinces investors.

… and how we achieve it!

  • Methodical step-by-step approach
  • Development of a business model taking into account all 4Cs
  • Integration of Regulatory Thinking®: Using the challenges of this complex industry as opportunities and turning them into a competitive advantage
  • Plausibility check of the financial plan
  • Involvement of all MII Coaches for a 360° challenge
  • If required: Involvement of relevant industry experts
  • Pitch training
  • If required: Support during investor meetings
  • MII & 4C quality stamp

Together with you, we build the right strategy and story for your technology, your team and your business model and maximize your fundraising success!