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In recent years, we have successfully trained more than 45 medtech startups in our intensive 1.5-year program and conducted numerous consulting projects with young and established corporates such as Erbe Elektromedizin or sync2brain. We have designed various workshops for our partners such as the “MDR- & IVDR-Kompetenzzentrum” and contributed to the future strategy of the healthcare industry in Baden-Württemberg, for example as part of the “Forum Gesundheitsstandort” or the “Innovation Board“. Over the years, we have reviewed more than 300 business plans from a variety of medtech startups and coporates.

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Our portfolio ranges from hardware to software solutions for medical devices, including in-vitro diagnostics. We also know when an innovation can and should be brought to market as a lifestyle product.

We understand the challenges and opportunities associated with different risk classes under both the Medical Device Regulation (MDR) and the In Vitro Diagnostic Regulation (IVDR).

Although we are based in Tübingen, Germany, the companies we support come from all over Germany and beyond. Whether on-site or remote, personal collaboration is essential to us.

Our reference projects

To give you an idea of what working with us can be like, we have selected a number of reference projects for you, along with more information about the challenges of each project, how we approached and solved them, and the results.

Some of our previous clients

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Every company, every product and every project is individual. The reference projects shown above are therefore only intended as examples of how a collaboration with us can look, which methodologies we use and what results we can achieve for you.

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