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The following services are specially tailored to the needs of startups and are intended to help in small digestible packages for speed in the establishment of a quality management system and in the creation of the technical file. We would be happy to explain details in a personal conversation.

For some of the courses, workshops and trainings offered, certificates can be obtained in cooperation with QS Schaffhausen AG (certification body). For further information, please contact us!

Quality Management System (QMS)

Design of a process landscape | 0,5 Day workshop

  • Together we set up a project plan for the structured implementation of a quality management system according to ISO 13485.
  • Generates a common vision of this complex topic across disciplines in the team – the basis for traction!
  • Develop your individual process landscape as a basis for the implementation of your quality management system – based on the Medical Innovations Incubator (MII) standard process landscape for startups.

Quality Management System Template Package | Product

  • We offer a corresponding MII template package which matches the process landscape.
  • Contains a basic version of a QMS manual.
  • More than just “templates”: Each Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) and Work Instruction (WI) already contains valuable information (instructions, customizable content, forms, references, basic content).
  • The product is designed to grow with your startup and its structures.
  • To guarantee optimized implementation, our hands-on consulting hours are included.
  • Consultation on selecting eQMS software to organize QMS documentation files or alternative ways to build a document governance structure.
  • Product can also be combined with our “Manual Package”.

Quality Management System Manual Package | Product

  • The very special approach to implement a QMS. Especially for startups that (want to) get into the topic early!
  • Consists of an extremely comprehensive QMS manual, which includes all required elements of ISO 13485.
  • An individual derivation of Standard Operation Procedures (SOP) and Work Instructions (WI) thus becomes child’s play.
  • Includes key checklists and questionnaires, one template for standard SOPs and advice on selecting eQMS software to organize QMS documentation files.

QA/RA Manager | Training (2 days)

  • This qualification serves as a basic requirement to be able to take over QA/RA tasks, to have an overview of functions and to understand the interrelationships.
  • The focus is on the establishment of a functioning QMS, the rights and duties of a QA/RA manager and an overview of relevant norms and standards.
  • Together, we will place this strategic role in your company’s organizational structure and develop a job description.
  • The result is an overall understanding of the principles and requirements for setting up, maintaining and developing a quality management system and everything related to it.
  • After the 2 days of the workshop, the participants will be able to take over a responsible QA/RA role in their (own) startup.

Applicant Evaluation for QA/RA Manager | Service

  • You are looking for a person with the right QA/RA qualifications?
  • We help you identify the right QA/RA personality.

Interim QA/RA Manager | Service

  • You want to start with your QMS, but don’t have the right resource in your team yet?
  • We can take over the QA/RA tasks and responsibilities (e.g. PRRC) as interim manager.

Get to know a Notified Body and Certification Body | Service

  • Lecture and individual discussion with Lead Auditor, Lead Technical Assessor, Certification Body or Notified Body.
  • The focus is on understanding the requirements of a Notified Body and getting personal feedback regarding your own startup.

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Technical documentation / CE approval

Establishing a project structure for the creation of technical documentation | 0.5 day workshop

  • We start with a theoretical input before it gets practical immediately. We develop your individual plan based on the MII standard project plan, which was developed especially for startups.
  • From the initiation of your project “approval as a medical device” to the submission of the technical documentation to a notified body, we will discuss your case and develop an individual project plan.
  • Of course, best practices on project management are also included.

Intended Use Definition | one day workshop

  • By systematically and professionally defining the intended use, many questions become answers and you can focus on the essential content of your project.
  • In a workshop format, we develop content (e.g. indication, therapy method, patient population, user population) for the strategically most central document on the way to CE marking – the purpose statement.
  • For this we use the “MII-Intended-Use-Basic Documentation”.
  • The derivation of strategic tasks for the company departments affected by the workshop results (e.g. legal, marketing) is one of our areas of expertise.

Clinical Evaluation | Template Package (Product)

  • Special template package for a central part of the technical documentation.
  • Contains templates of all relevant Clinical Evaluation documents that have to be provided by the manufacturer for the conformity assessment for the product approval at a notified body.

Technical Documentation (Technical File) | Template Package (Product).

  • Contains templates of all relevant development documents that must be provided by the manufacturer for conformity assessment for product approval at a notified body.
  • We are guided by the requirements from Annex II of MDR (EU) 2017/745 and the requirements for a STED.

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Risk Management and Usability Engineering

Building and establishing a risk management system according to ISO 14971 | one day workshop

  • Together we lay the foundations for establishing a risk management file in accordance with the requirements of ISO 14971 and ISO 13485 and MDR (EU) 2017/745.
  • Together we identify risk impact types, evaluate risks, classify them and define acceptance criteria.
  • At the end of the workshop, we recognize the strategic benefits of successful risk management and understand how this approach extends to all areas of the business (e.g. risk analysis for decision making).
  • The offer also includes templates and instructions for practical implementation in the individual case of your startup.

Risk Management | Template Package (Product)

  • Contains templates for all relevant risk management documents that have to be provided by the manufacturer for the conformity assessment for the product approval at a notified body.

Setting up and establishing usability engineering according to IEC 62366 | 0.5 day workshop

  • Together we will lay the foundations for the establishment of usability engineering processes according to the IEC 62366 specification for the creation of a usability file, which is mandatory for your technical documentation.
  • In doing so, we go deep into describing the context of use, develop initial usability analyses, specify requirements for the product derived from these, and learn how to verify and validate these requirements.
  • Includes some templates for relevant usability engineering documents that must be provided by the manufacturer for conformity assessment for product approval at a notified body.

Usability Engineering | Template Package (Product)

  • Contains templates of all relevant usability engineering documents that have to be provided by the manufacturer for conformity assessment for product approval at a notified body.

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Other services for startups

To accelerate your success, we have developed the following additional services for startups. These offer you the following added value:

  • Remain focused on your top priorities and have experts worry about the rest: ask for our startup packet finance, startup packet corporate design and online marketing and much more
  • Find traction fast and maintain it: take advantage of periodic project review meetings, continuous due diligence, regular sparring opportunities, interims management, etc.
  • Access to funding: Incubator Invest GmbH, VC and business angels network
  • Team building: Mediation, professional recruiting of new team members (if required)
  • Life Science specifics: Rapid Certification Programme, IP consulting, network
Rapid Certification Programme (MDR/IVDR)

This programme increases the value of your project tremendously because product certification is the prerequisite for any life science startup to successfully enter the market. We support you on your way to company certification and product approval – competent, flexible, open and (cost-)transparent.

Your potential benefits at a glance:

  • With our expertise, we safely guide you through the complex field of regulatory affairs
  • We bring you up to speed when others have not even thought about regulatory affairs
  • We offer you the opportunity to reduce your time to market by integrating regulatory thinking right from the beginning of your project
  • We offer you the opportunity to keep your mind free for those things you are the expert and really passionate about
  • We offer you the opportunity to save up to 30% of active working time otherwise lost in regulatory affairs and its documentation

Our secret sauce:

  • Startup centered conception
  • Guided writing method
  • Hands-on consulting from experts
  • Templates with basic content are provided – no need to start from scratch
  • Modular  design – choose the services you need for your startup
Startup Package - Accounting | Tax | Legal

Remain focused on your top priorities and take advantage of the service packages our partners offer exclusively to MII-startups:

Accounting services

  • Financial accounting
  • Payroll accounting
  • Preparation of the opening balance sheet
  • Preparation of the annual financial statements
  • Business valuation

Tax support services

  • Tax compliance
  • Minimisation of your tax burden
  • Avoidance of tax risks
  • Tax declaration

Legal services

  • Selection of legal form
  • Articles of association
  • Managing director employment contract(s)
  • Loan agreement(s)
  • Other legal advice
Incubation Services

We help you with our expertise, processes and tools to keep traction and stay focused. Moreover, we help to make things possible by offering you access to our network.

Our services include:

  • Personal coaching, sparring and mentoring
  • Help with business model development
  • Continuous due diligence
  • Operational project management
  • Consulting on industrialization and operations management
  • Access to the MII network (institutes, universities, industry)
  • Access to investment capital
  • Professional search for additional team members
  • Interim Management

You can always approach us with your individual requests and we will find the best solution to help you.

Official Partner of Start-up BW Pre-Seed

Startup BW LogoUp to 200.000 € Pre-Seed money – we are an accredited partner and with us you can successfully apply for Pre-Seed and Pre-Seed Protect.

Your benefits when applying for funding with the MII as a partner:

  • General information about the programm
  • Advice on how to prepare your application
  • Plausibility check of your financial planning
  • Pitch training and support in preparing your pitch-deck
  • Support in searching of a Co-Investor
  • Ongoing support even after the receipt of your funding

Further information about Pre-Seed and Pre-Seed Protect:

Here you can find some information of our “Pre-Seed Neckar-Alb” partners:

Our services are focused on supporting your personality, your product and your startup. By choosing to work with us, you will avoid common mistakes, save money and have a faster market entry which is crucial for your success.